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Dr. Mark Agresti discusses the signs and symptoms of Aspergers Disorder.

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3 Responses to Aspergers Disorder

  1. Laura Felix says:

    I’m happy to see you have addressed this issue. I am a patient at your practice and have been under Lindy’s care for panic disorder/and major depressive disorder. I saw you once two days after my Son, Julien – ended his life by laying in front of a train. I was hospitalized when I received the news and the next day you OK’d it for me to get out to take care of his final arrangements. Julien was diagnosed at around 4 years of age by his pediatrician as having Asperger’s – which he told me was ‘no big deal’ that it was just a very high functioning form of Autism. Of course, Julien displayed 99.9% of the characteristics you mentioned in this video – lack of eye contact, monotone voice, obsessive compulsive behaviors, math skills that were off the charts, unable or unwilling to go out and make friends etc,. He was like my ‘velcro kid’ the only one he would hug back. Just as you said in your video ‘there was just something slightly off with him”. Before he killed himself, he did make some friends as I did put him in counseling through Family Preservation. The social worker never picked up on his Asperger’s (Perhaps because I helped Julien to make eye contact and he got much better with it through the years) and most likely his social worker, John may not have encountered anyone with Asperger’s Syndrome. It was only put in the DSM IV in 1994 after all – the year Julien was born. Julien had a circle of friends finally at school however, they were mostly older than himself – he seemed mature beyond his years at times. Everyone was shocked when we found out that Julien had taken his own life. NO ONE saw it coming. I beat myself up daily for not having seen any signs – after all – I though we were very close and I was always asking him how he was etc,. Sometimes he would be very talkative – other times when I would ask him how his day was at school I was lucky to get two words out of him… Usually he would just reply “Good”. I still feel angry that the doctor who diagnosed him with A.S. made me think that it was no big deal. I did not get a ‘traditional’ suicide letter from Julien – I got a note that said “I love you Mom, Fuck School.” After finding out that he was filmed by some kids getting into a fight and loosing to a smaller child the Friday night before that Monday he ended it – and it had been put on YouTube. It began to make sense. I spoke with him that night when he came home from his friend Nick’s birthday party. His arms were bandaged with paper towels as he had scrapped up his elbows in the fight… Of course I said “Oh my God – Julien – what happened?” and he merely replied with a hang dog sort of expression “I got into a fight Mom, I threw the first punch and I lost.” I had told him in the past – try not to start a fight and throw the first punch – just try to defend yourself and get help if you ever get into a situation. I quickly explained “Julien – you’re a boy – I didn’t expect that you would never start a fight – what happened?” He told me that a kid he was having problems at school with (Sergio) was messing with him at the party – which they crashed – that he ignored him – then he started in on his friend Nick – so he swung at Sergio and missed – apparently Sergio shoved Julien and knocked him off balance – (what Julien neglected to tell me was that all the while another kid was there with a video camera!) and that the girl he liked wasn’t at the party when she had told him she was going to be there… I patched him up – explained that the girl he liked (Corina) probably wasn’t there because her parent’s wouldn’t let her go as she was only 14 at the time… I also told him I wasn’t upset and at least he was trying to defend his friend Nick. The weekend went on without anything unusual until Sunday afternoon when he was supposed to go on his first ‘date’ with Corina. My husband and I were going to take them to see the movie “Beaowolf” at Movie Co. Even though Friday afternoon he was excited that she accepted his invitation to go – Sunday rolled around and he told me he didn’t want to call he – so the three of us, me my husband and Julien went to see it instead. The only other odd thing he did was when I came back with a Coke for him – he almost yelled at me “I don’t need it – save your money!” I thought that was odd – but didn’t think to much about it. The next morning Julien told me he had to meet up with his buddie Bryce to help him with some math homework – which was believable since Bryce wasn’t doing too well in school. I asked him “Are you sure you don’t want a ride in?” He said “No – it’s okay – I’ll ride my bike.” But not to my face – he yelled it from down the hall… I told him “Well – love you sweetpea, see you later.” He replied love you Mom. That night he was missing – none of his friends had a clue where he was – by 7pm I phoned the police. At 2pm the next day – I was informed my Son was dead. Only later did I find out from his friend’s that were at the party that the kid who filmed the fight told Julien that he was going to put it on YouTube and he’d “look like a pussy” etc,. And according to the kid he had the fight with – who I forgave and spoke with a few months later – that when the camera cut off – Julien flew into a rage and beat he hell out of the kid. The video of my Son was put on YouTube and when they heard what Julien had done they wrote nasty remarks about how ‘they’ got Julien to kill himself. Julien really left that Monday morning to rematch Sergio – and Sergio told me he did not show up under the Souther Blvd. bridge by the train tracks – because he was afraid of Julien and didn’t want to “get his ass kicked” again. God, sorry this has turned into a novel. I guess I just want to let parents know that kids with A.S. have a high rate in suicide – especially when they are hitting their teens. And when they hardly show emotion – how can you tell if they are suicidal? If you plug in suicide + Asperger’s there are a million articles warning about it. If you decided to append this video about A.S. – would you please warn the parents about the high suicide risk and how they can possibly detect warning signs – if there even are any? Thank you – Laura Felix

  2. Laura Felix says:

    Above is the memorial video the girl Julien liked made for him about a month after his suicide – it was a nice tribute……