Dr. Mark Agresti discusses the recent news with Charlie Sheen; his actions, his outbursts and his personality.

Dr. Mark Agresti, West Palm Beach Drug & Alcohol Detox Specialist, Psychiatrist

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3 Responses to Does Charlie Sheen Have Bipolar Disorder?

  1. Frank Forth says:

    Hey Dr.Agresti, I’m Wendy’s Stepfather and have been with Wendy’s mom for 25 years.I just want to say I watched your video on Charlie Sheen and I must say I ‘m very impressed with the video. Your right on the money about what Charlie S. says about his self.The Derailment thing,I think you mentioned something like Clanging. I must say I found it very intresting.You are good.Keep up the good work.Great Video!

  2. cyndi says:

    hi Dr Agresti
    I thought this also – great video to show the similarity.

  3. Michelle Elan Machkowsky says:

    Okay Dr. Agresti i think the video was very organized, articulate, not redundant and most important I think you made a very good case. Let’s face it he is nuts and now we all know why he is such a nut job!

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